Meet The Team - Sales Manager

22 January 2021
In this weeks Meet the Team we talk to Jacqueline - our sales manager. We ask Jacqueline about her day to day role at Intamarque, why customers should choose to come to us and we find out what she likes to do in her spare time when she isn't at work!

What is your job role at Intamarque?
I am the Sales Manager within the Intamarque team, overseeing our export and UK customers. I work closely with account managers and we work collaboratively to service new and existing accounts, over the years I have developed some very loyal accounts.

Within my role I support the onboarding of new customers, development of existing accounts, working towards business sales targets as well as helping to drive the overall business forward with a focus on sales delivery. A proportion of my time is then spent on admin and account maintenance with the sales support team.
 Tell us about a typical day in your job – has this been impacted by the pandemic?
Anyone who has a position in sales knows there is no typical day… and that’s what I love!

Every day I set up and write the tasks I want to achieve by the end, but every day is completely different. The variance comes from working with customers from different locations with different demands. The daily changes in our product portfolio can have an impact too, with our buying expertise we are regularly given new lines to offer our customers or more competitive pricing.

Although the majority of my role is maintaining and growing my current accounts, a proportion of my role is also spent supporting and driving the onboarding process, which is supporting new customers on their journey with Intamarque.
Communication is a fundamental part of my role, whether it be over the phone, through email or even zoom and WhatsApp video calling - I like to understand my accounts on a personal level so we can all maximise on opportunities.
I’d say I am super positive yet creative in my role so I love to think of new ideas and business processes to support the sales plan I prepare…so I always want to talk about how we make things bigger and better! I love to have conversations with the team where we just come up with ideas.

The pandemic has only had a slight impact on my role… I am already an at home worker so the home office life is the norm for me! In terms of sales, the only noticeable difference has been a change in product demands… some of our product lines have seen a clear spike over the last 9 months due to buying habits changing.

What do you love most about your job?
The Variety and the buzz! As a sales person you are self-motivated to hit those targets, so I love how fast paced this industry is. I might be the opposite of others but I thrive from a pressured day… I like being 100mph.
I really enjoy being able to work with customers worldwide, and find out their individual’s needs. It’s fascinating how two accounts can be close in location, yet be so different in business needs. I like being able to recommend new products and watch an account evolve.
What’s important to you when starting a new relationship with a customer?
Having mutual understanding – I like to get to know my accounts on a more personal level but also share with them my ways of workings. I find this way we are aware of how we can best work together, this understanding also means I find my accounts to be more honest with their feedback on any products or promotions we provide.

At the start of any relationship I like to listen and take in their demands, this allows me to give recommendations on an individual basis. I believe in having consistent communication and delivering the same level of service each and every time.

Why should a prospective customer choose Intamarque?
Based on the comments received by new and loyal customers they partner up with us due to the range of products we are able to offer at competitive pricing, but also the level of consistent service we are able to give! Even as a sales person, my job doesn’t just stop at the sale. I support my accounts from enquiry through to after sales support. Every question, query or order is dealt with in the same way, no matter what the order value might be.
The ethos of Intamarque is based around building long lasting accounts and we do this by being approachable and personal! We also take on feedback whether that be further improvements to our services or suggestions of new products… we listen and we act.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a police lady! However throughout other jobs I began to realise that I had a thing for sales. I like seeing that enquiry turn to a first order, I believe in being direct and honest with my customers in a fun way… I love the buzz of a busy day talking and developing my accounts.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
Can you guess I don’t like to sit still for too long! My family and friends play a huge role in my own time, especially my daughter. We are always walking or baking together… I am currently waiting for my new exercise bike to arrive, my new lockdown home hobby