Meet The Team - Buying Manager

08 January 2021
Welcome to our first Meet the Team feature, where you get to meet the team behind the magic here at Intamarque. This week we are introducing you to our buying manager Emma. We ask Emma about her day-today role and why suppliers should choose to work with Intamarque.

What is your job role at Intamarque?
I am the buying manager at Intamarque, working alongside other buyers and planners. My role is responsible for the full product portfolio from sourcing new lines to the management of existing stock within our warehouse.

Within my role I work closely with other internal teams such as sales &logistics as well as building external relationships with suppliers. Working collaboratively means we can offer our customers the best price, varied stock but also meet supply demands.
Tell us about a typical day in your job and has this been impacted by the pandemic?
 No matter what, a day in buying is always fast paced and varied!
A typical day would involve speaking to suppliers about current promotions and floor stock, then working with the buying team to manage purchase orders and review current stock holding.

In addition to this I work closely on the trading side meaning I support the sales and marketing team, ensuring everyone is aware of new offers, products coming in but also opportunities we have for existing customers.

The pandemic has bought daily challenges to everyone’s roles, for us in buying there has been some pressures in being able to secure enough stock to meet demand in the time frame needed… but who doesn’t love overcoming a challenge now and again!

One thing that has been in seen in my role, is the demand increase for certain categories and new product lines that have come available, 2020 we invested a lot more into our anti-bacterial range offering.

What do you love most about your job?
 The variety! I love that no one day is the same, and as a business we are constantly evolving and developing. Buying is a fast paced department, so every day I am faced with making quick decisions!

You have to keep up the speed in buying, but I am motivated by getting to see quick results from the trading decisions I make daily.

I also love being able to play a key part in a innovate growing business, we are a close nit team at Intamarque so it’s nice to be part of the growth and see how your role impacts on others.

What’s important to you when selecting brands/products to purchase?
 As buyer it’s important to understand the market you are working in but also the demand and reputation of the products you are potentially going to stock.

If I am looking at a known product or brand I consider the current market conditions, availability, and pricing which would determine whether I buy the product and how much.

If it’s a new product or brand I think about the end user and will they see value in the product considering its benefits against the RRP.

What’s nice about buying is you can sometimes your own product experience into making a decision. For example, if I’ve personally noticed a new launch is getting great reviews in the media or I’ve seen a marketing launch then I will actively look if that’s a line we could hold too.

In addition I consider if the product or brand fits with the Intamarque portfolio and the type of product our customers would expect to see from us. While we need to offer a consistent range, it’s also nice being able to offer new innovation and point of difference to our customers.

Why should a prospective supplier choose Intamarque?
 Intamarque are renowned in the industry for the level of service we offer and approachability! Our teams work really close with the suppliers to build up strong loyal relationships.

We see it more of a partnership, as we all have the same end of goal of delivering products to end customers, and meeting their demands in the right time. We treat every product/brand as if they were our own.

A new supplier would benefit from working with an agile buying team who are able to make clear decisions fast, we are able to apply our experience to ensure the on boarding process is smooth and efficient for the supplier.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
I initially wanted to be a primary school teacher, however after doing a week’s work experience I changed my mind!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
I really enjoy fitness and am a regular at the gym, which balances with my love of espresso martinis and Thai food.

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