Meet The Team - Assistant Warehouse Manager

05 February 2021
In this weeks Meet the Team we talk to Angela - our assistant warehouse manager. We ask Angela about her day to day role at Intamarque, what she loves most about her job and we find out about where her love for working within the warehouse came from!

What is your job role at Intamarque?
My role within the company is Assistant Warehouse Manager. I see myself as the middle person between internal and external customers ensuring stock is received, picked, stacked and despatched to meet external customers’ requests and deadlines.

Tell us about a typical day in your job – has this been impacted by the pandemic?
There isn’t one !! My day starts with allocating tasks to the warehouse team; order pickers, order stackers, goods in and yard person. I also ensure the orders that are due for despatch that day are ready for collection and that all the necessary delivery documentation is ready which includes delivery notes, DGN’s, CMRs packing lists.

Liaise with freight forwarders to obtain freight quotes for containers that we ship all over the world, to arrange loading dates and ensure correct shipping documentation is received. And of course, liaising with all Intamarque departments to implement the smooth process of orders received right through to despatch.

But most of all be ready for anything………

The pandemic has taken away the face to face interactions between different internal departments and I have found that I have been communicating more by telephone, emails and zoom meetings with the staff members who are working from home.

What do you love most about your job?
The warehouse staff and the working relationship we have with each other. I also love working in a fast paced environment, planning, scheduling and completing the daily work load.

Why should a prospective customer choose Intamarque?

We offer competitive prices, a can do attitude, loyalty, professionalism, and an excellent service level. Intamarque employees from all departments work closely together to achieve an efficient flow of the customers’ orders from sales through to despatch.

The warehouse team take great pride ensuring that all orders are met and delivered to the customers in excellent condition and meet all customers’ requirements and specifications.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

I can’t really remember what I wanted to be as a child, must be my age!!

I do remember spending a lot of time with my dad in all his different transport and warehouse roles from climbing up fridge freezers stacked 5 high to write a delivery address on the box, to tramping around Europe in his HGV delivering goods during school summer holidays and later setting up a successful fragile goods (pottery & china) distribution company.

And so my love of working within a transport and warehouse environment was passed onto me, from an early age, by my much loved dad.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
I spend precious time with my daughter, family and friends and try to make the most of every moment as you never know how much actual time you do have.

Curling up, putting on some music and reading a good thriller book passes away many a night.