Intamarque Supports Trussel Trust UK

09 December 2020
Besides the usual busy business days, supporting charitable incentives is something close to our team’s hearts. Throughout the year we share charities and events we get involved with as a team, this incentive was led by Exports Account Manager Jessica, who has been driving the support for The Trussell Trust Shop UK.

This exceptional charity organisation run a campaign to Stop UK Hunger. With the vision to see a future without the need for food banks, they work to campaign that everyone has enough to afford food. The charity relies on donations, fundraisers or food donations. Our team decided to donate food and other essential non-food items include toiletries and hygiene products.

We are extremely proud of the team for donating all these items over the last few weeks, and the pile is still growing!
We encourage all our suppliers, customers and colleagues to get involved with something charitable this Christmas… one small gesture can make a big difference.