Working with Intamarque

We make the process as smooth as possible, below we have outlined a quick overview of the order process:

1. Once you have completed your full registration form, you will then have full access to order with us.

2. Place your order online via your payment method – It’s a minimum order of £3K, and orders can be processed based on credit, pro-forma or CAD terms (first time order deposit may be required).

3. Your order is then processed, and a representative may be in touch to confirm any information surrounding freight details and charges (especially export orders).

4. You will receive a confirmation of order with an approximate delivery time - this can differ each time based on stock ordered and location, but we will always aim to deliver within 10 working days.

5. Your account manager will add your details to their mailing list - they will then continue to mail you with daily offerings and stock (you can opt out of this at any time).Throughout this process your Sales Representative will always on board to support with questions and shipping information.