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With climate change regularly making news headlines it is important for companies, as well as individuals to make an effort to protect the environment and preserve the planet for future generations.
Intamarque is a member of the European Recycling Platform – this year so far, we have already recycled around 20 tonnes of packaging, including paper, aluminium, steel and plastic. Recycling these materials into new products reduces the amount of waste being sent to landfill. Each of these materials are separated before undergoing various methods of repurposing into new products.

In 2020 our warehouse and head office switched over to motion sensor lighting. Motion sensor lighting works by sensing movement in a room. If there is no activity in the room then the lights will automatically turn off, this helps with energy consumption thus reducing our impact on the environment. It is also beneficial for safety of workers and security of the premises.

We are keen to work with brands that are conscious of their carbon footprint and that use recyclable materials for their products and this is something that is important to us when selecting which brands to stock.

Many of our most popular brands are ensuring they are ethical and sustainable in producing their products. Dove ensures that all fragrances have been ethically sourced in ways that can help the local communities involved. As well as this, Dove are actively looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and are currently working towards being carbon positive by 2030. The Dove sites in USA and Germany are powered entirely by renewable energy using wind and solar power and 60% of the factory’s water needs are met by collecting and purifying rainwater.

Gillette are also working hard to help protect the planet. Much of their packaging is already recyclable, but they are aiming for 100% of products to be in recyclable packaging by 2030. Gillette have also launched a recycling programme called Terracycle – this is designed for customers to return razors once they have finished with them in order for them to be repurposed. By 2030 Gillette are aiming to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions for manufacturing by 50%.

TRESemmé are another brand that are working hard ensure all their bottles are recyclable. Black plastic is one of the harder items to sort at the recycling plant, therefore all of TRESemmé's black plastic bottles are now made using a detectable black pigment which enables them to be recycled. Because of this innovation, TRESemmé can save over 5million bottles from ending up in landfill each year – just in Australia alone!
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