Your award winning full service global distribution and proven brand builder partner.

  • Ownership of an onsite 100,000sq ft warehouse with the latest warehousing intelligence systems and equipment
  • Ability to hold stock on floor of most loved lines up to 10,000 pallets
  • We stock a growing portfolio of over 500 household and recognised brands
  • Shop over 2,000 individual product lines and if something you need isn’t visible let us know and we can source.
  • Proud to service over 500 regular customers and complete over 350 shipments a month
  • Experts in export documentation and full freight management, shipping to over 50 countries.
  • Dedicated team to support efficient order management, from order to your door in 5 days.
We are proud to be a leading British FMCG distributor, exporting to a growing network of over 50 worldwide countries, with over 300 international shipments completed each month.
With our expertise and dedication to exceptional services we have a growing portfolio of the most recognised and trusted household brands with a speciality in the Health and Beauty sector.
Here at Intamarque our ultimate guarantee is that we will ensure that your orders leave on time and in full to meet the needs of your end customer, our sales support team are the heart of ensuring that this is co-ordinated efficiently with exceptional communication every time.

Our team here are passionate on building relationships with brands that allow you to receive a bespoke service and ensure that every product is delivered at the right price to the right people to aid your business profitability each time.  

As part of our full service capabilities the passion to connect with our brands doesn’t just stop at our distribution facility, here at Intamarque we pride ourselves in being able to connect and embed ourselves into a brand to drive their growth, which has enabled us to offer a full brand builder service, with a reputation for success in Beauty Brands.

With our distribution network and retailer relationships we are able to offer brands a more hands on partnership by delivering a 360 degree approach which combines marketing, sales strategy, retailer growth and distribution.
We are committed to working with brands to ensure that visions become a successful, whether you’re an international brand looking to take on the UK retailers or you’re an existing UK brand looking for a partner to support sales growth.