Dove Soap Original 4pk

Item No. DOV001

Dove Roll On Pomegranate

Item No. DOV206

Dove Bath 500ml Almond

Item No. DOV038

Dove Bath 700ml Go Fresh

Item No. DOV920

Dove Bath 700ml Almond

Item No. DOV919

Dove Bath 700ml Silk

Item No. DOV918

Dove Bath 450ml Silk

Item No. DOV446

Dove Baby Wipes Moisture

Item No. DOV408

Dove APA 250ml Original

Item No. DOV184

Dove APA 150ml Cucumber

Item No. DOV150

Dove APA 150ml Original

Item No. DOV026

Dove APA 150ml Invisible

Item No. DOV021

Dove Bath 700ml Talc

Item No. DOV917

Dove Soap Cream Oil 100g

Item No. DOV913

Dove APA 150ml Talco

Item No. DOV019


Dove was launched in 1957 with the iconic beauty cleansing bar. Dove’s famous campaign for Real Beauty which launched in 2004 was about representing ‘real’ women and not featuring models in their advertising, these images of women are also not tampered with digitally. This campaign focused on improving body confident among women and girls. Dove’s range of products include body washes, deodorants, hand creams, handwashes and shower gels. The aim of Dove products is to provide the skin with moisturisation. Dove are also proud to be cruelty free, for over 30 years their products have not been tested on animals.